Dr. Richard E. Lyons

Grounded in Quality Management principles and current educational research, Senior Consultant Dr. Richard Lyons has held an array of faculty and leadership positions in higher education since 1980. His highly successful books Teaching College in an Age of Accountability, The Adjunct Professor's Guide to Success (for aspiring and new adjunct instructors) and Success Strategies for Adjunct Faculty (for experienced adjunct instructors) demonstrate his acumen for instructional effectiveness and accountability.

Since 1996, he has led initiatives to develop the teaching and classroom management strategies of full- and part-time faculty members at a number of leading institutions. When appropriate, Dr. Lyons draws upon the expertise of other associates to ensure the success of the firm's intervention, while maintaining overall coordination of each project. In all cases, you can be assured that the services provided by Faculty Development Associates will exceed your expectations.

Sharon D. Weil,  M.Ed.

A health care professional for over 30 years, and college professor since 1996, Sharon Weil has led  professional development activities for faculty in an array of health science specialties.  Appointed to the Educational Consultant Network for the American Physical Therapy Association, she today consults with, and provides workshops for educational institutions and health care providers throughout North America. Among her specialty areas is accreditation, as reflected by her service on a Commission on Accreditation and  on-site reviews of over 35 health sciences programs.

Sharon has spoken at state and national conferences on program assessment, ethical practices, wellness, and job readiness for the physically challenged, as well as the professional development of health care instructors. In addition, she regularly facilitated the Basic Clinical Instructor Workshop for the Florida Consortium of Clinical Educators [FCCE]. Over the past 10 years, Sharon has served in leadership roles within the FCCE and other health sciences organizations.



Dr. Lyons’s highly-acclaimed books can be purchased through
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For information on adopting either as a text or purchasing multiple copies for your library or teaching and learning center, visit the Allyn & Bacon website


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